FlexSpaces tailored to your working style.

FlexSpaces are professional workspaces where 100% concentration is made possible, the furnishings, lighting and chosen colours in the space are just right.


FlexSpaces come in three variants. Each type is an environment suited to your mood and professional needs.

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Three zones

There are three types of zones:

Flex In/Out = for those who are looking for a concentration zone close to the MeetBoxes & the central MarketPlace

Flex Silent = for those who find silence is the key to success

Flex Loud = for those who find the energy of a space helps achieve a target.

recommended for

    • Flexible access to own WorkSpace & CommonSpaces 24/7
    • Access to the MeetDistrict App
    • Easily accessible, close to important highways
    • Bicycle parking – public transport connections
    • Access to MeetDistrict member events