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We're taking the current situation in regards to COVID-19 very seriously. Therefore, we are suspending access to all non-members and visitors. Our own people will be working from home. MeetDistrict members who do come to work, we'd like to ask to follow the government regulations to the letter.

In these difficult and uncertain times, we'd especially like to thank all the heroes who provide care to those affected by the virus. They deserve our utmost respect.

Let us all work from a distance so that we can come out the other end stronger than before. We’ll ‘meet’ each other later on.

#stayathome #staysafe #flattenthecurve

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Your own desk in a shared space

  • A workspot just for you in one of the shared spaces
  • A private desk always available
  • Free access to all zones
  • Great for start-ups

Start your business

You want your own dedicated desk sharing an open space with creative and tech-savvy people just like you building their business? We have the right place for you. This comes with free access to our inspiring zones. The SilentZone where you can wrap your mind around your latest project. The LoudZone for your performance calls and lively areas where you can interact with co-workers from a stimulating mix of businesses.

SharedOffices in a nutshell

  • A dedicated desk, chair and locker
  • Shared space circa 92sq metres
  • Each space counts about 25 desks
  • High speed, rock-solid wifi connectivity
  • Benefit from all the Member Services
  • Access to the SilentZone and the LoudZone
  • Booking of MeetSpaces at Member Prices

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