Value people

The best office is a token of appreciation

People. Appreciating people. Appreciating people for their talents, personality, dreams, willpower, ambition and perseverance.

Finding the perfect balance between the company’s goals and your personal development as a human being. That's what the future is all about. Now more than ever.

Every day, MeetDistrict makes every effort to make this promise come true. Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur or a manager with multiple employees, the quality of the working environment contributes both to focused work results and, at the same time, to general well-being and happiness in the workplace.

“Valuing people is enhancing our future” – that is what we believe in and that is what we are going for.

Value 5

In its pursuit of a holistic and sustainable approach, MeetDistrict has integrated 5 parameters in its service offering that give the working environment of the future extra value. And this approach focuses on health: a well-thought-out workplace has a positive effect on the mental and physical health of the employees. But equally, a well-thought-out design is also good for the planet and the climate. The attention to the 5 parameters are already a form of appreciation for the people who work there.


Health and safety

Since its creation, MeetDistrict has invested, more than anyone else, in air quality. Our standards exceed existing standards by far. Why are we doing this? Because we consider it to be a fundamental right. Pure air is essential for the physical and mental health of every employee. In addition to air quality, we also focus on other fundamental aspects of a sustainable working environment: light, sound, relaxation and concentration.



Many claim it, few make it reality. Being flexible means much more than offering workshops that are tailored to different business structures. In these hectic times, we constantly switch between different working environments: sometimes at the head office, then close to home or even at home. Our motto is: the workplace must adapt to you, not the other way around. After all, you decide which working or meeting place you need and at what time. Our technology makes it possible to book spaces smoothly and log in seamlessly everywhere.


Personality-Based Working

Those who can work in a safe, healthy and extremely flexible environment automatically become more productive. In the working environments we have developed and equipped, everyone gets the opportunity to develop themselves to the maximum in their work, according to his or her own personality. After all, we believe that it is not the activity that should guide you, but your own personality. Getting maximum freedom with regard to this will automatically lead to higher productivity. Personality-based working also implies taking into account the small nuances that make the difference, the finer points that we add at any time, in any room, that "fingerspitzengefühl" that makes all the difference.



All the above-mentioned components together create an ideal thinking and working atmosphere which stimulates the employee where artificial intelligence is lacking, i.e. in their creative thought process. Serendipity is also important here: we believe in the creativity born out of coincidental encounters. Each MeetDistrict is meticulously designed to maximize these encounters.



Creativity leads to innovation. MeetDistrict has this in its DNA: we see ourselves as a living lab, where we are permanently looking for ways to make the work of our staff and our members more pleasant. We have state-of-the-art technology that helps to make every working moment and every meeting more pleasant and efficient. We value innovation greatly. This, too, is part of the way in which appreciation for employees is expressed.

By enabling your employees to work and meet in MeetDistrict, you in turn express your appreciation for them. This appreciation will be returned from your employees as well. The above-normal growth rates of companies that develop within MeetDistrict confirm this every day. "So if you attach equal importance to these values, MeetDistrict is very much committed to help you unburden your company in your new working environment." Partnership without a compulsory long-term commitment, and yet with the certainty of a premium-quality service, based on 30 years of experience with international customers. “Valuing our members is valuing their goals, dreams, and above all, their teams.”