Value health ESG

In 2021, a sustainable healthy working environment is a fundamental right for every employee. However, sustainable health means more than cleaning an office and paying attention to hygiene. The best working environments approach health from different perspectives to make the positive effect on employees as large and sustainable as possible in the long term. But how do you do that in practice?

The way you can best fill a healthy office is built on the ESG criteria (Environmental, Social and Governance criteria). Many companies describe these criteria in their sustainability approach. When you look for suitable partners, for example when finding the right office environment, the ESG criteria help to test whether the values and characteristics of the office in question are in line with their own values.

Our ESG checklist

The checklist below helps you better estimate whether you subscribe to the ESG values. The more you tick our services, the closer you are to our short- and long-term vision and impact. MeetDistrict offers:

ESG Milieu icoon


  • For the planet: circular design and materials
  • For the climate: an innovative and energy-efficient environment with a low carbon footprint
  • For every employee: a very high volume of permanent fresh air
  • For productivity: (natural) light, comfort, view (glass from floor to ceiling)
  • For mobility: Close2homespaces and alternative mobility solutions (car at home, carpooling, public transport)
  • A "clean & green" product, ecological office supplies and cleaning products
ESG Samenleving icoon


  • For social well-being: a personal vision of the variable working environment: from "home" to "hub" to "HQ" and vice versa
  • For social cohesion: an inclusive, "personality-based" approach in an innovative multicultural and multigenerational context: cohesion, internal training, social engagement and socially responsible relationships with customers, attention for disabled employees
  • For Corporate Social Responsibility: an authentic, ethical and inspiring environment: in which your organization's CSR initiatives are confirmed from within
  • For an optimal focus of your company: an all-inclusive approach
  • For your company's finances: affordable and accessible products and services
  • For physical health: Facilities for healthy eating and exercise
  • For the local community: local supply and interaction with the local communities
ESG Bestuur icoon


  • For cost control: Transparent reporting with focus on risk management and cost control
  • For privacy: compliant, proven security systems and GDPR policy
  • For peace of mind: Bream and Well-Platinum certified
  • For change management: All digital: simplicity in use, efficiency
  • For growth: Flexible and profitable

Comprehensive vision

At MeetDistrict we have been experiencing for six years now and every day, that our focus on the ESG and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), helps companies and governments to choose for our approach and services. After all, we start from a comprehensive vision of health and sustainability that leads to very concrete interventions at our locations.

Thoughtful know-how

Our know-how is based on an expertise that we have built up for more than 30 years with the Ghelamco group. This allows us to submit nobility that meet the highest corporate standards in the field of ESG and CSR. Our results are excellent in both areas. National and international customers also praise our user-friendly hands-on approach. In this way, our members can today fully enjoy a reliable (audited) working environment that guarantees health from three large perspectives.