Our mission

Accellerate the movement to personalise the place to work

The new way of working will be healthy or will not be at all.

Farewell ping-pong table, welcome ventilation system

Influenced by the technology companies in Silicon Valley, the idea has grown that a good office building is a trendy office building. With Scandinavian mid-century furniture on high pile carpets. With Banksy reproductions on colourful walls. With a ping-pong table on each floor. And with a set of Nerf guns as a fringe benefit for new employees. But what good is a flashy office building if the office in question isn't made to work in? What good is a café latte if the air in your office is so dry that it makes you fall asleep?

In recent years many academic studies have proven that the buildings in which we work have an enormous impact on our physical and mental health. On our happiness, our creativity and our ability to solve problems. All over the world, scientists are advocating the use of smart technology to measure and improve the health indicators in our working environment. Because the healthier our office buildings, the happier our employees and the more productive our businesses are.

The impact of your working environment

The healthier our office buildings, the happier our employees and the more productive our companies are.


MeetDistrict has been creating healthy workplaces for more than six years. Even more than community builders, we are workspace engineers: for us, a good workplace is first and foremost a place where you can work well. Where fresh air provides fresh ideas. Where abundant daylight contributes to a clear view. Where the layout of the workspace promotes a sense of belonging. And where the view from the window doesn't depress, but inspires.

For us it is a no-brainer: the new way of working will be healthy or will not be at all. Healthy working is not a fleeting trend, but a fundamentally different vision of working. The time when we allowed stuffy meeting rooms to reduce our intellectual capacities by half is behind us. Today, if you want to attract top talent, you have to offer people a working environment in which they can show their best side. And that, contrary to what some companies still believe, is not so much a glitzy, but a healthy working environment.

MeetDistrict facts:

  • Part of Ghelamco Group
  • Active in Ghent (Ghelamco Arena), Antwerp (Berchem), Brussels (Madou) and Diegem.
  • More than 50.000 m² of workplaces
  • More than 3.000 members
  • +125 meeting spaces
  • +300 events per year

These companies already chose MeetDistrict ...

As a permanent workplace, for their event or for their training courses. The ways in which our service is used are countless. A constant is the healthy working environment in which they receive their own people and visitors.

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