MeetDistrict Meir


The new way of working in Antwerp

A sustainable working environment with additional services, completely tailored to your needs? MeetDistrict Meir takes care of it in the heart of Antwerp. A quiet hub in a busy location: business, shopping and culinary delights have never been so well matched.

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4 min 1,2 km
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8 min 0,9 km
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2 min 0,7 km
Location icon All our rooms are continuously supplied with fresh air. MeetDistrict provides 10m³ per m² per hour.

Thanks to our space-as-a-service concept, you can enjoy a work experience from A to Z that fully grows with your business:

  • Brand visibility with your branding, in the middle of the Antwerp city centre
  • Your own high-end furnished office
  • Access to the MeetDistrict network
Your full-service work & meetpace

Why does MeetDistrict Meir take your business to the next level? All you have to do is focus on your business, we will do the rest:

  • Your own corporate branding on the Meir
  • High-end design according to your own brand identity
  • Up to 50 workstations for your permanent team members
  • 5 meeting rooms for 8 persons
  • Keyless access control
  • In-house healthy food from Foodmaker
  • Your own kitchen with all amenities
  • High-speed internet via fibreglass included
  • Cleaning services
Your company in a prime location

Meir is the vibrant city center of Antwerp, where passion and encounters are one. (2 km from the Leien and Kaaien)

Health & Safety

We promise a safe and healthy workplace!

MeetDistrict Meir does everything in its power to keep you working smoothly and safely. All our rooms are continuously supplied with fresh air. From January 2020, ARAB (labour regulations) will prescribe 40m³ per hour per workplace. MeetDistrict provides 10m³ per m² per hour, which means that at least 4 m² per workstation is required in order to work safely. For optimum productivity, MeetDistrict recommends a minimum of 7 net m² per workstation in an office. This corresponds to an average of 15m² gross per workstation.

Train icon A 20-minute walk from Antwerp Central train station
Tram/metro icon 7 minutes by metro to Antwerp Central train station
Tram/metro icon 15 minutes by metro to MeetDistrict The Link (Berchem)
Bicycle sharing icon Shared bicycles a stone's throw away.
Parking icon Car parks near Shopping Meir, Eiermarkt, Groenplaats, Oudaen
Food icon Numerous culinary addresses and shopping opportunities nearby
Tram/metro icon Stop metro Meir (lines 3, 5, 9 and 15) in front of the door
Location icon Possibility to spread your teams over our MeetDistrict branches in Berchem (The Link, a stone's throw from Berchem station), Ghent (in the Ghelamco Arena) and Brussels (Spectrum, Madou).

+32 3 376 00 00

Opening hours

Open Mondays to Thursdays from 08:00 to 18:00.
Open on Fridays from 08:00 to 17:00.
Closed Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


Ready to work and meet in the best covid-safe conditions?

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Tim Clauwaert, CEO INTUO
It’s amazing to work in a place that’s designed for maximum focus & productivity. Members realize how much time they lose when they settle for less efficient settings.