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Choose your spot in a shared space

  • Co-working spaces close to home
  • Choose a free spot
  • Free access to all open zones
  • Great for remote working and freelancers

Come together to make things happen

Pick your free spot in one of the shared working zones. Grab a seat, plug in your laptop and off you go. Retreat into your bubble, dive into your work, resurface to interact with co-workers or get involved in our welcoming community.

Grow with your own flow

Whatever you have in mind, find the right spot for you in our spaces. A SilentZone where you can wrap your mind around the latest project. Lively zones where you can interact with co-workers from a stimulating mix of businesses. And a central MarketPlace to enjoy the vibes. MeetDistrict is as flexible as you are.

CoWorkSpaces in a nutshell

  • Daypass or monthly Membership Subscription
  • Free access to MarketPlace and all the social spaces
  • Access to the SilentZone and the LoudZone with pre-bookable seats via the MeetDistrict App
  • Booking of MeetSpaces at Member Prices
  • High speed, rock-solid wifi connectivity

Your prefer your own spot?

Your dedicated desk with free access to a range of open activity-spaces?

Discover our offer here

Looking for an inspiring co-working space?

Your access to our open spaces, Silent & LoudZone.

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