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We're taking the current situation in regards to COVID-19 very seriously. Therefore, we are suspending access to all non-members and visitors. Our own people will be working from home. MeetDistrict members who do come to work, we'd like to ask to follow the government regulations to the letter.

In these difficult and uncertain times, we'd especially like to thank all the heroes who provide care to those affected by the virus. They deserve our utmost respect.

Let us all work from a distance so that we can come out the other end stronger than before. We’ll ‘meet’ each other later on.

#stayathome #staysafe #flattenthecurve

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Choose your spot in a shared space

  • Co-working spaces close to home
  • Choose a free spot
  • Free access to all open zones
  • Great for remote working and freelancers

Come together to make things happen

Pick your free spot in one of the shared working zones. Grab a seat, plug in your laptop and off you go. Retreat into your bubble, dive into your work, resurface to interact with co-workers or get involved in our welcoming community.

Grow with your own flow

Whatever you have in mind, find the right spot for you in our spaces. A SilentZone where you can wrap your mind around the latest project. Lively zones where you can interact with co-workers from a stimulating mix of businesses. And a central MarketPlace to enjoy the vibes. MeetDistrict is as flexible as you are.

CoWorkSpaces in a nutshell

  • Daypass or monthly Membership Subscription
  • Free access to MarketPlace and all the social spaces
  • Access to the SilentZone and the LoudZone with pre-bookable seats via the MeetDistrict App
  • Booking of MeetSpaces at Member Prices
  • High speed, rock-solid wifi connectivity

Your prefer your own spot?

Your dedicated desk with free access to a range of open activity-spaces?

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Looking for an inspiring co-working space?

Your access to our open spaces, Silent & LoudZone.

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