Meet&Retreat Concept

MeetDistrict is an innovative work concept, and offers every professional the freedom to work or meet in a professional environment, alone or in a group, and to meet their deadlines. The first implementation of this is in use in Ghent, namely in the Ghelamco Arena, and a second one will soon open its doors in Antwerp, close to Berchem station.


MeetDistrict provides the freedom (retreat) to put the right focus on what is discussed by the group (meet), at any time you choose. Every location is built based on the needs and wishes of professionals who want to succeed. This professional village is a place where chance meetings are not avoided, and where every day is as enriching as the last. MeetDistrict: the inspiring work space where working is ‘life’.


This innovative professional village was founded and designed by Simon and Michael Gheysens. With this concept they are able to approach, develop and expand the office market differently, now and in the future. Geoffroy Speybrouck offers provides support in the role of manager of MeetDistrict.

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The Meet & Retreat concept is the work method that is applied in MeetDistrict. Retreat zones or work spaces are the zones that have been furnished as calm, productive work zones for the MeetDistrict members. Fixed Office – Flex Open Office – Focus on the CommonsSpaces.


For when you might need more in-depth communication options, MeetSpaces or Meetingrooms were developed. For an ad hoc meeting, a MeetBox can be reserved via a mobile application, and if you need to make a long phone call, there is the option to leave the WorkSpace to talk in our MeetStreet, in the MarketPlace or in one of the Cozy MeetCorners. This way our members keep running into each other, and this gives way to serendipity (or the art of discovering things you were not looking for because of fate, sic.).


The purpose of this lies in the idea that the retreat zone should be respected by everyone present.


The necessity of a retreat zone for companies and their team members is simply explained with the help of a well-known example: when they have to study for a test, students freely choose to conform, by silently studying in a library together. The student chooses this situation, because he knows it leads to higher productivity in the time in which he has to study.


The popularity of this new way of thinking becomes apparent from the queues that form in the morning, because every student wants to be the first there to find a good place in the library. The student knows that the more productive he is within a short amount of time, the more time he will have to ‘live’ freely. This applies to an employee also. More and more, generation Y wants to work to live, and it no longer wants to live to work. This leads to the realization that working more efficiently leads to further possibilities for the development of free time.

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Life is a goal in itself; with the environment we live in, the speed at which we meet our deadlines and the people we surround ourselves with, are crucial factors for our opportunities.

We continue the story of Meet in the execution of the infrastructure. For example, the copier in the CopyStreet is placed strategically so that employees have to cross some distance to collect their copies (after ID swipes). The idea behind this is that MeetDistrict wants to stimulate chance meetings and social contact by making members meet in communal zones. Our MeetSpaces stimulate chance meetings or give rise to inspiring conversations.



Focus is needed for achieving professional goals. “Working at home” disrupts the work/private balance and leads to lower productivity. For this reason MeetDistrict provides a professional “retreat” environment, where everyone can focus on their goals. Our Retreatzones or WorkSpaces are equipped in such a way that full concentration is possible for every employee.

The intended result is that the employee can be proud of his or her work environment and finds it inviting, while the employer sees higher productivity and does not need to worry about the facilities and environment his company works in.