WorkSpace for companies of all sizes

WorkSpaces, also called Retreatzones are work spaces where 100% concentration is possible. As a company, you have your own WorkSpace equipped with everything you need for working comfort, from ergonomic furniture and pleasant lighting to the right acoustics. Every work space has its own entry door and can be closed off from the communal spaces in this way.

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WorkSpaces are spaces in MeetDistrict that can be used by a company or person, where the necessary work spaces are provided by MeetDistrict. This ranges from private spaces that can be closed to OpenOffice spaces where there is room for 100% concentration.

recommended for

Small business
Remote teams
    • Own identity as part of a bigger whole
    • Flexible access to own WorkSpace & CommonSpaces
    • Access to the MeetDistrict Application
    • Spacious MeetSpaces on the 3 floors
    • Easy to reach + public transport connections
    • High speed internet
    • Bicycle parking
    • Access to MeetDistrict member events