MeetSpace for successful meetings

MeetSpaces are inspiring conference rooms in MeetDistrict that are available in all possible forms and settings. Every MeetSpace is unique, with business-like furnishing and the most advanced technology for both creative brainstorms and closed meetings.

Meet with a view

Work is no longer tied to a desk, a room or a space; work has become an activity. These days, we work and meet each other at every moment of the day. MeetDistrict keeps striving for a more dynamic and innovation-driven environment where people work together in a productive, innovative, paperless and mobile way.

  • Inspiring location
  • Equipped with highly technical achievement tools
  • Can be reserved ad hoc
  • Meet & Retreat in the same location
  • Flexible setting possible
  • Easy accessibility

recommended for

corporate meetings
conference calls

Meet & Educate

    • Conference room with¬†Prysm smartboard¬†
    • Education spaces with audio-control projectors + speakers
    • Corporate boardrooms
    • Training spaces

recommended for

conference calls
corporate events