EventSpace for companies of all sizes

A state of the art auditorium with reception lounge. MeetDistrict Ghent offers a range of possibilities to give every extra class. For example, this auditorium is equipped with highly technical resources and with its own control booth. Positioned under the stands of the KAA Gent football stadium, this MeetDistrict auditorium offers space for events with 340 guests. Thanks to the positioning of the presentation screen and the indirect projection, every speaker in this MeetDistrict auditorium will be able to meet his/her full potential.

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  • Over 340 seats
  • Designed stand with microphone and laptop connections
  • Presentation screen with indirect projection
  • Data centre + technical space + control booth
  • Sliding window leads directly outside (KAA Gent football pitch)

recommended for

trainings - classes
product launches
corporate events


Google Atelier event in MeetDistrict Ghent; Belgian SMEs do not make enough of opportunities for growth that the internet can offer. Google wants to help them get on the digital train by teaching at least 10,000 Belgians – from students to SME employees – digital skills via their Digital Work Space in 2016. 6.000 people have already been trained in this way. Google is now putting the training online as well, at  This way Google wants to contribute to the growth of the internet economy in Belgium.