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A MeetDistrict is an architectural professional village that consists of flexible WorkSpaces, inspiring MeetingSpaces and customized FlexSpaces. Each District is a living environment created with a highly technical design, where the customer is the focus.


Currently, there are MeetDistricts in Ghent and Antwerp.

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WorkSpaces, also called Retreatzones, are work spaces where 100% concentration is possible. As a company you have your own WorkSpace, where you can enjoy maximum working comfort, from ergonomic furniture and pleasant lighting to the right acoustics.

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MeetSpaces are inspiring conference rooms that are available in all possible forms and settings. Every MeetSpace is unique, with professional furnishings and the most advanced technology for both creative brainstorms and closed meetings.

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FlexSpaces are professional workspaces where 100% concentration is made possible by tailoring spaces to your personal liking. The furnishings, lighting, and chosen colours in the space are just right. Choose between Flex In/Out, Flex Silent, and Flex Loud.

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